My Father Died a Year Ago Today

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My Father Died a Year Ago Today

I can't believe that it has been a year since my wonderful dear father passed away. he fought a long and painful battle with pulminary fibrosis and the end was a relief for him, but the missing him and the longing for him to still be with us is still very raw. He was such an inspirational man and i wish i had spent so much more time with him - i have so many wonderful memories, i just wish i had more.

I'll be leaving work early today to go and place flowers on his grave. we haven't told anyone that i am 6 weeks pregnant and will let him know when we go to visit. I am so saddened by the loss and the fact that he will never know his grandchildren, but i know he is with us, watching over us and being a guradian angel.

Love you daddy. Miss you. xxxx

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:bighug: As long as you remember him, he will always be close to your heart. I tell my ds that anytime he comes to me in grief about his dad, and I truly believe it myself. They will always be alive as long as their memory lives in our hearts.

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I feel so sorry for heard about your father. I understand your feelings about your father. I think your father was great man. We can't forget our parents and never live without them. We need our parents in our life.
He relieved their pain after death but he goes very far from you and you miss him very much because you love him. Its doing with all of world because its all in Gods hand. You should trying to deal with your grief. Don't be depressed in pregnancy stage. I pray to God for you and for your family.
(((((((HUGS FOR YOU)))))))