My Grandfather

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My Grandfather

My grandfather passed away last night, September 22, 2003 at around 7:30PM. He was 82 years old and an amazing man. He was a rancher all his life, was very loving and very kind. He suffered a great deal for months before he passed last night in peace. He suffered for 6 months from terminal bladder cancer, and who knows how long before that.

The service is Friday afternoon at 2PM. He is being cremated and probably has been by now. I am going to miss him, but know he is no longer in pain.

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im so sorry for your loss ij ust recently lost my grand father to he was diagnosed with lukemia back in july they gave him 3 months to live then and a week later he was back in the hospital his liver went out they gave him 3 days t o live then but he pulled through it and got out of the hospital until the first part of september when he went into accoma and the 28 of september he died

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September seems to be the month were we all lost our grandfathers! I lost mine on September 30th 2003 and then found out I was pregnant the very next day.... if it's a boy we're going to have his middle name be my grandfathers. It's been hard because I still miss him but I'm getting through it. We were really close.