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My Mom

My mom just passed away about 2 weeks ago. It still doesnt seem real. It was completely unexpected and a huge shock to everyone. She was only 54 and died in her sleep. when I found out I didnt want to beleive it...I thought there was a mistake or that my brother was making it up for some reason. I'm 27 and still feel like I need my mom. I wish I could call her on the phone or go and see her . I'd do anything for one last hug. I hope she knows/knew how much I love her and how much she meant to me. I keep breaking down and crying at the strangest times. Like at DS's school when I was helping in his class yesterday... I just started to cry and I couldnt stop...or last night when I made spagehtti for dinner just like my mom used to. It was my favorite and I loved when she made it for me. I made it just like she use to and I had a quick thought to call her and tell her and then I remembered that I couldnt. It's all very hard to absorb. I dont think DS really understands. He'll ask if we'll ever see her again. The last time I talked to her was 2 days before she died. She called me on my cell phone while I was visiting my brother in CT. She told me that whenever I go far away she gets a sick feeling in her stomach and she doesnt like being that far away from me. She worried that if somthing were to happen that she wouldnto me t be able to get to me. Who knew that 2 days later that somthing would happen to her and I would be far away. I feel awful too because when I was talking to her I totally blew her off and said I was busy and couldnt talk right then. If only I had known that it would be the last time we ever spoke. With mothers Day coming up and everything it makes things even harder. Right before I found out about my mom...I was brushing my teeth in the bathroom and thinking about what I'd get her for mothers day and thinking about how I needed to remind her about coming here for memorial day for a BBQ. As soon as I walked out my brother told me. I just don't know. Well, I'm sorry...Seems as if I've written a book here. Thank you so much for listening.

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BIG HUGS. I know what you mean about something like what you went though. My FIL passed away at 57 of a heart attack while he was talking to his mom and the phone. WE hadn't been going to see him much because I was 9 months PG and did not want to be to far away from the hospital. He died on Feb 19, 2004 and my Daughter was birn Feb 25, 2004.

BIG HUGS, If you need to talk PM me.

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(((HUGS))) I'm so sorry about your FIL. I just found out tonight that my Aunt passed away yesterday. And just a few months before my Mother passed away my Grandfather died..........this sucks.
Thank you for the hugs. Feel free to PM as well. Wink

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HUGS, This also was my first mothers day without my mom she passed Aug 9th 2004 and 16 day's latter I had my first baby.

I sitll cry all the time and want to call her and tell her the cool things he is doing.

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I am not pregnant but I really miss my mom and always blame myself a little for breaking her heart and not giving her the one thing that gave her life purpose, children. I miss her so much. She passed away three years ago and my life is missing so much of her. I miss her wisdom and her understanding of people that only comes from living. I wish she could give me her advice now that I never gave much credibility. But I can't. all I can do is call my sister and that isn't the same. I will have children, but she won't be to share it with me or give me help or even any idea what I am doing.

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So sorry for your loss of mother. I think it is very great loss for you and you must be quite bold and courageous endure it. I pray for your mother to the God to provide her eternal rest in peace.