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Thread: new to board... lost my twin sister

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    Default new to board... lost my twin sister

    Hi. JUST found this board. Wish I had found it last month. Hi. I'm Noelle. I'm 28. Mom to 6 1/2 yr daughter & 4 1/2 yr son & have lost 3 pregnancies.
    Last month, March 16th, the day before my mothers 67th birthday... my twin sister Crystal passed away...
    I was 28 minutes older than her... when we were being born, after I was... my sister had oxygen cut off from her brain for about 10 minutes and was severely handicapped her entire life. Basically picture a 6 month old in an adult body. She had sever pnumonia about 3 years ago which left her in ICU for about 2 1/2 weeks and the hospital for about 2 months ... .. shes been sick off & on but that left her weaker than before.. and in a hospital bed with a trachiodomy (sp?) & a stomach tube.

    My mom has spend nearly 30 years totally devoting herself to caring for my sister. The week of March 5th I went in that Monday for an "emergency ultrasound" to find that my babies heart had stopped beating @ 7w3d.... and had a D&C scheduled for that Friday (the 9th).... Wednesday my sister went into the hosptal because of throwing up... my mother & I both thought she had this stomach virus going around... my mom , my kids & I have had it all recently...... Thursday late evening my mom called to tell me my sister was going into ICU b/c her blood pressure was very low.

    I didn't get "rest" afterwards like I was supposed to needless to say.. that night we went to the hospital to be with my mom (who refused to leave the hospital ..... (as is usual for her)... no one had told my mom ANYTHING in about 10 hours... so i march my happy little (big) butt to ICU & open the door (i followed someone in... i'm so bad.. i know).... and demanded to speak to a nurse.... anyway they got my mom in etc....

    my sister bp was sseverely low they had to give her a central line... & she went into septic shock... a few day slater she was off of one of her bp medicines.... and was looking better... then she got worse... friday my mom called to ask me to pray for crystal... and to call around and put her on prayer lists... her colon was half collapsed and the other half was leaking... this was about 11am... i was at work.. didn't think it was "THAT" bad.. i knew it wasn't good........ not at all... but...............

    my older sister called me @ 3:28 to tell me it wasn' tlooking good at all.. the nurse had called her in to be with mom... the pastor had been in ICU to read Crystal the last rights or whatever it's called.... and was "hovering around mom" she said... my big sister called me back at 3:32 to let me know my sister had passed.

    Moms dealing fairly well so far... shes' staying at my big sisters house for now.. she hasn't been back home... we've done work around there .... mom had us donate her medical supplies to a local place for folks with no insurance who need stuff like that.... etc etc etc..... not sure what it'll be like when mom goes home... my kids & I live with her.... but we're staying at my fiances' apartment & driving him nuts lol.

    FYI ... i haven't mentioned my daddy because he passed in 1991 from cancer when Iw as 12. My Nanny, moms mom died in 2005.
    Funny... my 1st m/c .... and a week later my Nanny died.....
    My 3rd m/c.... a week later my sister died... to the day.... i know not to think of parallels like that.... BUT one can't help it you know?
    ~Noelle~ Mommy to Ajia 7/00 , Granger 8/02
    & 2mc/s 9/05 & 12/05 ~
    lost @ 7w3d 03/07

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    I'm so sorry for your losses. Please feel free to come back and talk or vent at any time.
    My Guardian Spirit Richard 03/18/57 - 02/18/01
    "Life is hard, it's harder if you're stupid"

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    I am so sorry for your losses! I would wonder about the miscarriages and deaths, kind of ironic, maybe those angels guided your loved ones up to heaven! I know others don't agree with that, but I believe they are all together!

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    I know I am late on this, but I just want to tell you how very sorry I am for your loss. No words will take away the pain, but I can assure you that as time goes by the pain does get a little easier, it will never go away completely but it will get easier to deal with.

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    I m very sorry for your losses. Miss-carriage problem is so increase in these days and I m wondering about it. Last year my friends wife lost her son with m/c. You lost your loved ones in short time and its very painful to you.
    You can join grief counseling group for deal your grief. This group is really helpful for deal our grief. My friend also join this counseling. Now he have some relief from his pain and grief. I hope you will go ahead. I pray to God for you.
    ((((((((((HUGS FOR YOU))))))))))

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