one of those hard nights

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one of those hard nights

don't know what triggers them. perhaps just loneliness. but i can't stop crying tonight. i'm hoping if i write it down it will stop.

i miss him so much. i was looking at the photos of him on my wall. the photos i won't take down. why would i have to? but i look at them and see what we have all missed in the instance he was taken away. and i miss him. and i can't stop missing him.


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:bigarmhug: ahh sweetie, I'm so sorry.

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I am so sorry. We are here for you anytime you need.

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I m so sorry for your loss. I miss our loved one because we loved him/her lot and we can't forget them. Its so difficult for us. You can trying to deal with your grief. You can join grief counseling group, its very helpful. Don't think you are alone, We are always here for you.