Please keep my friend and her loved ones in your prayers.
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Thread: Please keep my friend and her loved ones in your prayers.

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    Default Please keep my friend and her loved ones in your prayers.

    I have a friend who lived in Arizona. We met online about a year and a half ago, and we'd basically become part of each other's families. Jumping on the phone/webcam together, playing World of Warcraft, sharing photos... She was like my best friend and my big sister.

    She was diagnosed with cancer last year. She was told not long ago she had until Christmas at the most. She had 5 kids.. from mid twenties to 13. She was only in her mid thirties herself. She had a really hard life, but kept battling through it all, convinced it would be better eventually.

    Last night she took her life, because she'd rather end life on her terms, rather than cancer's. I'm not coping at all, and neither are a lot of others very close to her. She had one of those flirtatious, playful personalities everyone was instantly attracted to.

    Please keep her and her loved ones in your prayers, or spare her a thought if you don't believe in God.

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    I'm so sorry for your loss. Will definitely keep her in my thoughts.
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    Hi, I m so sorry for heard about loss of your friend. I know she was diagnosed with cancer and not live more time. Its so hard time for his friend. I pray to God for both of them.
    My prayers and wishes always with you.

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