Please pray.. (Child loss mentioned)

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Please pray.. (Child loss mentioned)

I have been struggling with this for a week and really just need to type it out and have others praying for my family.

This will be long so I will just say I am sorry about that from the begginning.

My step brother (Bobby) 14 just passed away on the 19th of this month. He was the most stubborn bright eyed boy I have ever met.

We moved here to be closer to family 2 years ago, and my kids and him have become the best of friends, they were always calling as soon as they got off the bus to see if one or the others could come and play together. I can tell you in 2 years I dont think these kids have been away from him more than 2 days (we only live 3 houses away)

Well 3 days (the 28th) before school got out the school called his mom that he was looking a little yellow, and was not feeling good (this is her ONLY child). She came to the school to pick him up and took him to the doctors around here and they said he had Mono and run a bunch of tests, it took about a week for these tests to get back, during this time Bobby was sleeping a bunch (a normal sign of Mono) so we were just picking on him about getting out for the summer and having to get over the sleeping part so he could enjoy his summer. Tests results came back and it was not mono, so they sent him for blood work in Fort Wayne, again more wait.. Mem day weekend rolled around and he was tired but he was outside playing in the yard with the kids throwing the football.

Fort Wayne calls and she has to take him down to Indy (3 1/2 hour drive). She took him and we all just thought it was more tests well Indy keep him because of his color (he is bright yellow at this point) they ran a bunch of tests and it comes back he has Wilsons Disease and his liver has almost stopped working. We need a liver and fast. I Offered have of mine but they said they needed to find a whole one that his was to far gone.

The 16th she calls me they have a liver so my father, me and my older sister take off to indy. She had been in Indy the whole time. I had talked to him on Sat and he was the bright eyed boy I have always knew. On Monday I walk in there and he looked like a 90 year old man in a bed, he could no longer talk right the word no took him about 30 seconds to say to me. I stood there in tears, I grabbed his hand and everyone left the room and he head my head and said "Sis I am going to Die" I grabbed ahold of him and told him to stop it we had a liver and he would be better.... Everyone came back and I just walked out the door and fell to the floor in tears..

12am rolls around and we are all just waiting and they roll him back to OR, we are scared but Happy he is going to finally get better. 2am we are in the waiting room waiting and the doc comes out and says the liver will not work. He is now in a coma because they had to put him in one for surgury and we have no liver............. Everyone is mad and in tears and know that we have to find one by the end of day or we are going to lose him.. His Kidneys have now failed and docs are still looking..

7am rolls around and they found another. They have to go look at it to make sure they do not mess up again! anyways.. 2am rolls around and back into OR he goes, He comes out GREAT!! Everything is working he is Fine!!! Thank God! Even the kidney machine is shutting off because his kidneys are not working again, blood is clotting..

I go check on him about 10am and decide that sleeping on waiting room floors is starting to take a toll on my pregnate body, and he is fine I need to go home. So about 11:30 am me and my dad head for home. We called and checked on him and everything is perfect. I went to bed with a smile knowing that maybe tonight I could get some sleep and go back during the weekend and spend more time with him and his mom.

5:30am his mom is calling me screaming he is GONE!!! She sat and watched alone for 45 mins while they tried to bring him back.

What had happened was at 1am they gave him a new bag of blood, his white blood cells popped, they are checking but they are not sure if it was a bad bag of blood. He had a heart attack at 14 years old! His levels of potasium (not spelled right) we 8 not the normal 4! One shot would of brought them down but nobody checked..

We put him to rest on the 19th, and his mom is in a void (which I understand) His 15th birthday is coming up on the 15th and she is just lost. Please pray that god helps her through this, I am so scared I am going to lose them all. My dad has now had to see 3 kids of his die, and this is her only child. My kids are running wild cause they are confused and lost.

I just dont know what to say or how to deal with everything..

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You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I don't check here often and I'm sorry I was so long in getting here. I pray that his mom is recovering from the shock and saddest day of her life, and that your dad and your kids are coming to some kind of understanding of this whole tragedy. Bobby was so young and this whole thing so sudden it must have been very difficult to deal with. God Bless you and your family.

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First of all, I m so sorry for your loss. I know its difficult to deal with your grief. I pray to God for you and your family. I hope God give happiness again. Don't worry and go ahead.
May God Bless you.