sad and outraged after loss

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sad and outraged after loss

Yesterday my sister's son, Jeffrey, died from cardiac arrest. He was 24 and had a 4 year old daughter. He has been having trouble with his heart since he was about 15 years old. No doctor was able to properly diagnose and treat him. 3 year ago, he collapsed and was taken to the hospital. His heart rate was so low that they decided to put in a pacemaker. Since then he's complained at how much pain he is in and has never been able to go back to work. He applied for medicaid and social security disability. He received the medicaid but not long after the new governor of their state cut the medicaid funding. Jeff's sleep apnea machine was one of the things that was on the chopping block from those funding cuts. He had to fight to get to see a cardiologist and when he finally did, he was basically told that he was a slacker who should get a job, not social security disability. So he lived with the stress of the pain and trying to take care of his daughter. (He and his wife had split and their daughter would not go with her mom. He only wanted to be with her dad and grandma, my sister who they lived with.) Apparently all that stress and pain finally caught up with Jeff yesterday. His heart stopped while he was at a friend's house, and they couldn't revive him. He tried to tell the doctors the pacemaker didn't work right. Well apparently he was right because it didn't restart his heart yesterday. Do people really have to die to prove they need medical and financial assistance?

Coping with the loss is hard enough, but dealing with this anger at how hard he tried to get help and no doctors would listen to him makes it even harder I think.

Please keep Jeff, his daughter, December, and my sister, Laurie in your thoughts and prayers.


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:bighug: so tragic, and unnecessary I'm so sorry for your family's loss. Any updates you want to share? Are the doctors being held accountable?

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Thanks for asking Teresa. In the autopsy, they found nothing wrong with him so they are saying it was sleep apnea.

The good news is that December's mom has stepped up to the plate and is giving her daughter the time and attention she needs. She is taking December half the week and my sister takes her the other half.

:hug: to you too. I know you just had a big anniversary on the 19th I believe?

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im so sorry sara. i know the fighting for medical care battle. its just sick that political agendas are putting peoples lifes at risk.
big hugs to you! my heart brakes for your family. i will keep you all in my prayers.

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Thanks for the prayers. My sister is really sad and hurting and fears she'll never be able to be happy again. She could really use the prayers. Her name is Laurie. Thanks again.

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I m so sorry for your sister's loss. I know any young age death is very painful to mother. I understand feelings of your sister. Hospitalize is very difficult time for us. My friend's brother died last year and he was only 21 and my friend really hurting.
You should trying to give console your sister. Its tough time for her and she needs you. I pray to God for your sister.