still losing sleep...

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still losing sleep...

My brother passed away in July. He was killed in Iraq by "friendly fire" in his barrocks on a USAF base.
I thought I was doing better, not worring so much about losing the baby now that I'm in my 2nd tri but a few days ago I had a visit from the main prosecuter in the case who allowed me to read statements of what happened that day, even from the soldier who shot him... I also got to read the autopsy report. I think I'll be forever haunted by their words.

Lately I haven't been able to sleep, something that I need to take advantage of before little squirt gets here. Everytime I wake up I can't fall back asleep because all I can do is cry. I'm so angry at what happened and even more angry that he was left alone after being shot in the chest (the bullet punctured both lungs and his heart), he never had a chance...
How have other pregnant mothers delt with this without depression or sleeping medicine?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

~ Angela

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Have you tried Yoga? The reason I ask is because when DH first passed, that was something that helped me. Exercise of any sort creates hormones that elevate depression (it's a proven study, just don't have it at hand right now). And I know there are Yoga classes for pregnant women often, in gyms or community centers. And Yoga helps with breathing control, which is beneficial for sleep disorders and depression.

Just a thought.


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I'm doing counseling, since I've gone off my antidepressants during pregnancy. I lost two grandmothers over the summer, and my father was diagnosed with a treatable but not curable brain tumor. I know crying is healthy- we have to allow ourselves to grieve. My therapist also taught me some breathing techniques that allow me to keep my mind off the panic of how horrible things seem sometimes. My favorite is to inhale for the count of four, hold it for two, then exhale for four. The counting and deep breathing keeps your brain occupied. When I wake up at 3 in the morning and start to feel panic coming on, I start that. It really helps me. Its okay to grieve, too. Don't try too hard to push it off. I'm so sorry for your loss.

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First of all, I m so sorry about your loss. I know young age death is very painful and difficult to deal with this grief. I understand your feelings. You should trying to heal your pain and grief. In this situation, depression is very harmful to your baby.
Don't take sleeping medicines its also a bad habit. You can join grief counseling group for deal your grief. Its the best way to relief your grief and their way of talking is very well. You should go there because you are in critical situation and its important for you. I hope everything will be fine.
My prayers and wishes always with you.
((((((((HUGS FOR YOU)))))))))