time gos sooooo slow

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time gos sooooo slow

it seems like months and months ago i posted " it will be 2 months in february.......... OMG i cant bel/ how slow life is progressing. it seems like not long ago i just wanted everything to stop. like the sun was rising and setting at an unbelieveable pace. like i was being pushed farther and farther away from the day he died. now it seems like i cant run thru life fast enough. Is it normal to feel that way? is this part of the healing?

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normal, yes. and difficult.


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You are feeling normal because when we lost our loved one, life definitely going slow. When I lost my uncle then I also think life going very slow. Its caused from our hard and difficult time. I know its very difficult time when we lost our loved one.
But I think its also the part of healing. Time heal all the wounds. You take some time for feeling normal again. I hope you will be fine in future.
May God bless you.