Tuesday with Morrie

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Tuesday with Morrie

You have to watch this Movie or read the book... Tuesday with Morrie as well as the 5 people you meet in Heaven... I was sad and kept thinking about my mother who passed away 2 months ago... I'm 12 weeks pregnant and highly emotional and really missing her... but It was good to watch Tuesday with Morrie...

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I've read and seen 5 people you meet in Heaven, and thought what a great interpretation of the afterlife!

Have you ever seen the movie "What Dreams May Come" with Robin Williams and Annabella Sciorria. It's another wonderful movie about the afterlife, however, not if your emotions are too raw. It's a rather stark representation of the afterlife, but also beautiful in some parts.

Take care, :bighug:

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I know its important and hopeful for you. I feel sorry to heard about your mother. Mother's love is important for kids. When can't live without our parents. You Miss her because you love her very much. I know its difficult time for you. I hope you felt happy after saw this movie.
May God Bless you.
((((((((HUGS FOR YOU)))))))))