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Welcome to the board - Please read

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to explain that we have now completed combining three of our loss boards. Please be aware that I have moved from the boards old threads for safekeeping. I believe each and every one of the stories that has been shared throughout the years on our site is worth saving, but be aware of the "posted dates" before you choose to reply on one of these older threads.

We are very much aware that each type of loss comes with its own unique considerations, issues and paths toward healing. The death of a spouse, for instance, plunges you into single parenthood, dealing with financial issues all on your own, often trying to help your children through their grief process while grieving yourself. All your life plans that you shared together are now left in your lap to pick up the pieces. Some remain shattered forever since your partner is gone.

For those that have experienced the loss of a child - you too have a very sensitive path you are undertaking. For many there is guilt of wondering "what if" or questioning all the "could have/should have's." How do you overcome that? For those with other children or perhaps thinking of conceiving again - how do you do consider another child without feeling as if you are *forgetting* the one you loss?

Then there are those that have experienced the loss of another close family relative or friend. Your journey is also not easy. You long to complete all the things you had planned to share with them and always thought you had more time.

Know that we do have hosts that have experienced loss themselves and are available if you are seeking more personalized support.

However, we have joined all these groups together in hopes of providing everyone with more support for one another. While there are differences, each of you is united by the fact that you are missing a very important person in your life that you long to share with. For all, there may be times of anger, frustration along with the deep sadness. There are *trigger dates* such as birthdays, anniversaries, & holidays that are more difficult than others. Someone else here is bound to relate and willing to offer a hug.

On a personal note, please know that each and every one of you have my condolences for your loss. You and your families remain in my thoughts and prayers. If there is anything more that I can do to help offer my support please let me know.

Take care,

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Hello everyone. First of all I want to introduce myself, my name is Rebecca and I am one of your hosts here. I previously hosted the Death of a Relative Board. I am glad that these boards have been combined, I feel like this way we will be able to offer more support to everyone. I know it is never easy loosing a loved one and I offer my condolences and support.

As your hosts of this board Teresa (Rickydiculous) and myself are here for you. Please feel free to PM either of us.

You can also reach me by email or yahoo messenger [email]becky_lynn437@yahoo.com[/email]