it will be 2 months on feb 11th
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Thread: it will be 2 months on feb 11th

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    Default it will be 2 months on feb 11th

    tell me...when will i ever be normal again? do you really have to hurt all the time? will the 11th of everymonth be horrid for me. I see my daughter grow every day and see her fathers smile, her fathers laugh and she even looks like him when she sleeps. He is missing it all. its so sad..................

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    You will find a new normal. And it will be a long haul. But for our children we have the strength, because we don't have a choice.

    I'm not going to say it will get easier. The first year is the hardest. And then one day you will wake up, and realize, yesterday you didn't think about him every hour of the day. Or you will realize that he wasn't the first thing on your mind when you woke up. Or you will realize it had been a while since that hole in your heart had throbbed. And eventually that will be the new normal.

    As advice was given to me, one breath at a time. You will get through this and one day your heart does stop hurting all the time.
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    I know its not easy time for you and I m very sorry for your loss. I understand your feelings and you difficult to deal with this loss. Lost of loved one is very painful to us. You take some time for being normal again. I think his soul in your daughter and don't think you are alone. He is always with you.
    May God Bless you.

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