It would not have mattered (x-posted)

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It would not have mattered (x-posted)

I got a copy of the autopsy report for James last night. 12 pages. I was up until midnight reading it. Lucky I have a bit of a medical background and my Latin is not too bad.
Basically the cancer had spread, it was everywhere. Every organ was involved except the heart, and from all the stress his body was under his heart muscle was also in serious distress, no wonder he had a series of heart attacks in the last month. His body just could not take it any more. At least I have some sort of an answer.

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:bighug: Jennie. When I got DH's autopsy report I cried sooooooooo hard. Sounds like you're handling it better. It's never easy.

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That must help you to some degree by reading it becasue I know it did for me. I remember reading every word in my hubby's saying omg that is my hubby from the toe nails to how his private area was shaved. I was mortifed that I was reading this about my husband but at the same time I could not stop myself from reading it.