#2 on the way!!!

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#2 on the way!!!

We are due Jan. 20th!!! OMG!

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congrats! So happy for you!!

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Congrats!!! HH9M

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:woohoo: Hooray Vicky!! :woohoo:



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CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm soooo excited for you guys!!!! HH9M's to you! ((HUGS))

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Thanks girls!!!
I'm 6 weeks as of today!
Feeling ok, nervous but ok....

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Congrats!! So happy for you!

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Congrats Vicky!!! So happy for you!

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Congrats Vicky!!

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Congratulations!!! Yahoo So excited for you!

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Congratulations Vicky!! I hope you have a wonderful pregnancy!

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Congratulations on the new bean, HH9M Biggrin