3 Already!!

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3 Already!!

Dalton and Gavin turned 3 today!!! I can't believe it! Where did the time go?

We had a very nice party at our home yesterday. We rented a spacewalk, my dad bbq'd, and I made a train cake and cake pops. Everyone had a really good time and D&G got so much stuff! I didn't think opening presents would be so difficult, but they just wanted to play with the first thing that they opened and didn't care about opening anything else. Silly boys. I'll try to post some pictures later after I put them on the computer. I'm just being very lazy right now though since their party wore me out and I'm sick.

Who is next? Lilly?

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Wow 3???? Where does time go??? Can't wait to see pics...HUNTER's bday is in less then a month now!:eek:

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Happy belated birthday to your boys! I can't believe that Liberty will be 3 on Dec 11... where has the time gone! Plus, by the time her birthday comes I'll have my new little man as well... getting excited!!

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It's scary isn't it?!? Just 2.5 weeks and Alexander is 3. We aren't doing anything. I'm waiting until next year when he's got pre school friends to have a party with. I'm going to make a fireman Sam cake though, I'm very excited about it Smile

Hope you get some pics posted Smile