Alexander is 3!!!

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Alexander is 3!!!

He got a huge mountain of toys. When he came down stairs and saw them all the first thing he said was "where is the Christmas tree?" Lol

Anyway, he had a good day and was very happy with everything he got (no party but he'll visit everyone over the weekend)

here are a few photos of the day Smile

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Happy Birthday to Alexander!!!!!!!! That is a big mound of gifts! The cake looks amazing!!!!

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Beautiful cake!! He looks so thrilled with the gifts and Tobey seems to be enjoying them too. Smile

:party: Happy Birthday Alexander!!! :party:

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Happy Birthday Alexander!! He looks so happy. I love the picture of him smiling with all of the cars. And your cake looks awesome!

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Great pics... I love the cake! Happy birthday Alexander!!

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Glad he had a great birthday! That's a lot of presents! You did a great job on his cake! I absolutely love the pic of him half covered in wrapping paper Smile

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Happy Birthday Alexander! Nice pics, TFS!!!
Love his smile and the cake is awesome!

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Happy Birthday Alexander!!