Anderson's Birth Story *Pic Heavy*

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Anderson's Birth Story *Pic Heavy*

Anderson John
April 7, 2011
4:02 PM
8 lbs 9 oz
20.5 inches

I was scheduled for an induction on 4/7/11 and told to call at 5am to see if they had a bed for me. When I called they told me to be there at 7am. I got up and got showered and dressed. Then the hospital called back and said they were running low on beds, but had a lot of people going home so to hold off and they would call me around 7:30 or 8:00. I hadn't heard anything by 8am so I called them. At that point they said they were full and that I should eat something light because they were waiting on my doctor to say how late she wanted me to come in. So I ate a bowl of Cheerios and about 15 minutes later they called to tell me come in now. My anxiety/nerves/frustration were just up and down all over the place all morning!

So DH and I arrived at the hospital about half and hour later and my IV was in at 9:10am with Pitocin started. I was "almost 3cm" at my last appt (the nurse at the hospital couldn't even reach to tell when I came in, so we are assuming I was still about 3cm at the start of everything). I labored through about 5 hours of contractions that didn't hurt at all. I just felt the tightening very regularly. The nurse said she could only turn my Pit up 1.5 more times so I'd better start feeling something, lol. I guess I missed my doctor's rounds that morning since I didn't get a room early enough, so she finally showed up at 1:15pm, checked me (4cm) and broke my water. The very next contraction after my bag was broken, I felt! I told the nurse to call for the epidural because they were immediately painful and I knew I would go fast now.

The epidural was in at 2:30pm. Almost immediately my blood pressure dropped and wouldn’t come back up. It got down to 81/38 and I felt awful…had the oxygen mask on and just couldn’t get to feeling “right.” So she called the anesthesiologist and he gave me some ephedrine to bring it back up. Finally felt better after that.

At about 3pm the nurse checked me as her shift was ending and I was 6cm. I started feeling lots of pressure with each contraction. I had no pain in my uterus and my legs were *mostly* numb, but the pressure was INTENSE. At 3:30pm I was getting a little irritated that the next nurse on shift hadn’t come in to check on me and I was feeling so much pressure I was almost sure that I should have been pushing so I paged her to come check me. She took too long in my opinion (I thought I should have been pushing!) to come in. She checked me, and I was already at 9cm after only 30 minutes.

She moved around the room getting things situated then came back to me and had me push a few times to see what kind of progress I would make. I pushed through 2 contractions and she called the doctor in. Of course my doctor was in surgery, so they asked me if I could wait to push. I thought about it and decided I could wait a few minutes so my own doctor could deliver me. She showed up at 4:00 (about 5-10 minutes later), I pushed through 2 more contractions and Anderson was born at 4:02pm.

This was my hardest delivery of all three. The epidural didn’t work completely and I felt all the pressure and stretching down there. I was grunting and making noises I’ve never heard before, lol. He was my biggest baby and amazingly I didn’t even tear (I did with my other two).

He was evaluated by the pediatrician the next morning. She said he had mild jaundice, probably because he got his daddy’s blood type and not mine, according to the doctor. Interestingly, DS1 has DH’s blood type and had jaundice after birth and DD has my blood type and did not have it. The pediatrician wanted us to stay in the hospital two nights instead of one to watch the jaundice. We spent most of Saturday waiting around for the pedi to show up and send us home. We finally left the hospital at 2pm and are home and doing well!

Last belly pic-39 weeks

Just born-checking him out

Under the warmer-all cleaned up

Meeting big brother and big sister.

Snuggling with Mommy.

Big sister is a natural!

Ready to get home!

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Glad that it was quick for you! I would have been miffed at the nurse for taking too long too! At our hospital a nurse is with you all the time while your labouring and I loved it! Anderson is a doll!!!!!! You look fantastic for just having a baby and I'm LOVING your siggy pic! Congrats again ((((HUGS))))

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Sounds like a pretty easy birth, once the nurses got it together! Anderson is so cute! I love the pic of you 2, you look great! I also love your last belly pic, you had the most perfectly cute pg belly! Congrats Beth!

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I'm in total agreement with Melissa. Congrats!! He is super cute!!

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Aww, great picks. Such a cutie.

Sounds like it was a great birth

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Glad it all went well and fast for you. You look amazing for just giving birth and of course Anderson is adorable!!
Congrats Beth!!!

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Glad it went well...congratulations!!

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Congrats! Kate looks like a great big sister! Anderson is adorable!

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Congrats Beth!!!