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Asking questions

Anywayone else's LO asking questions all the time?

It started about 2 weeks ago with "what happened" and it's progressed from tWe now have the there. We now have the dreaded "why?"

Last night it was:
A "Is it night time?"
Me: "Not yet"
A: "Is it morning time?"
Me "No, this is evening time. After afternoon time and before night time"
A "Why...?


He's asking a million questions a second now.."What's that, where's that gone, what's that noise, why is it green, what's that smell, who's that?" :rolleyes:

He's driving me mad, I can't even answer some of the questions he's asking, I need to brush up on my general knowledge Lol

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Ryken asks 'what's that?' and 'what's that noise?' ALL. THE. TIME. He doesn't have any other questions he asks all the time yet. I'm waiting for him to start asking 'why?' That should be a fun one :rolleyes:

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:rolleyes:OMG!!! That is soo much Hunter!!!!
He ask a LOT of questions!!

If I say something in French, lets say «gilet» he ask right away: En anglais «gilet»? Then I say it's shirt. Then he says: En français «shirt»?
He does that all the time with every word....

He ask all the time: which store we bought this or that??? :eek:

He ask to every one he meets: how old are you?? which can be awkward at moment:rolleyes:

He is such a curious and bright little man!:wink:

oh and he likes the WHY? too!!!

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Lily has never asked Why? but she does ask questions ALL the time! Mainly What's that? and Where's this or that? and What's so and so doing? Lucas also says What's that? all the time b/c he hears Lily say it so much. It was the 3rd thing he ever said! (Behind Dora and Mama - and yes, in that order :rolleyes:)

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D&G want to know everything too! I think Dalton probably asks questions more, but they both do all the time. Mostly it's "What's that?" and "What you doing, mommy?". They drive me crazy sometimes! lol

They also want me to watch everything they do now.

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"jbraud55" wrote:

They also want me to watch everything they do now.

ME TOO:rolleyes:

Oh and Hunter looks at anything that has writing on it and ask, what does that say mom??

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Sounds like Kate too. She asks me daily, "Where are we going today?" and "What are we going to do?"

Yesterday I made French toast and she asked, "What are you making?" "Why are you putting the bread in the eggs?"

She is full of questions all the time, along with Hayden too. I notice that I say I don't know a lot too, Sarah. Smile

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Makenna is full of questions too! Her favorites are

What are you doing?
Where are we going?
What's that sound?
and my personal favorite is when we are driving and she sees a car and says

Where's that car going??

How the heck am i supposed to know??? LOL

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Oh and now every time Hunter sees someone (in town) he asks: Who's this? Like I know everyone!!!:rolleyes:

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No questions from Jocelyn yet.

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Lol yes, but mine is satisfied with whatever answer I give her. She just says, "Oh." Lol she's so sweet, I just love her to pieces...