Baby Shower

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Baby Shower

My good friend is having her baby shower next Sunday and I'm not sure what to get her? What was your best baby shower gift? (Not higher then 50$).... Thanks for all your suggestions.....

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Stuff for when they are a bit older (like over 6 months). They may not appreciate it at the baby shower, but they will a few months down the line when they realize they have nothing for their slightly older baby. Or maybe that's just what I would have wanted.

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I agree that stuff for when they're older is nice.

Something I did for a friend was got a large basket and filled it with baby essential stuff. Soap, rash cream, socks, burp rags, pacifiers, ect. I filled it with things that she would eventually need.

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For good friends I like to do some sort of keepsake. My close friend from college that recently had a baby shower, I got her a handprint/footprint frame to hang in the babies room plus some clothes. I agree that clothes for when they are a bit older is always good if she knows what she's having. Its hard to find gender neutral stuff 6 months and up.

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I didn't have a shower for DD but DH's family did send a lot of crap I didn't need. I didn't use most of the toys, gear and nice outfits. I would've liked more useful stuff: pjs, receiving blankets, burp cloths, stuff like that.

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So I bought a big pack of number 1 diapers and Aveeno products: cream, bath, diaper rash and eczema cream.
For 50$ worth.

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I just loved it when people actually got me stuff that was on my registry! I swear so many people just went and bought stuff that I either didn't need or didn't want. I hate to sound jerky but that's why we go down and spend hours making the darn registry! And I hated it when people would buy baby clothes... I never put clothes on my registry because I'm so picky when it comes to outfits... but sure enough tons of clothes!