Birthday / Christmas Presents

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Birthday / Christmas Presents

Has anyone started shopping yet? So far we have gotten:

the Tonka Chuck Race and Go,
the Tonka Flip and Go Remote car,
Mario and Luigi stuffies (he is obsessed with Mario and Luigi right now),
a foam light saber (can you tell he has an older brother LOL),

I know there's more but my mind is a blank right now!

I'm thinking of getting The Leapfrog Leapad. But i'm not sure how much he'll use it cause he has his own Nintendo DS (well its his and Amber's but she uses Ry's DSi more than she uses the DS). Anyone thinking of getting this or already have it?

I'm also thinking of getting Alphie, some Trio, some Imaginex.

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We got the boys a ride on 4-wheeler. Those with fb can see the video I posted. We gave it to them last night. DH wanted to give it to them now so they can use it before it snows :rolleyes:

We got Ryken a LeapPad for his birthday.

Other things he's getting for xmas are socks, puzzles, flashlight, dinosaurs, little einstein movie....hmmmm, I think that's it. Since the 4-wheeler was pretty expensive we're not getting too much for the boys for xmas. We're asking for swimming lessons and gymnastic lessons for the boys from my parents and my grandma.

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Luke loves the Alphie! Luke also loves the DS, and nothing else will do... so no leapfrog here. We have something, I am not sure what its called, but it looks like a DS and plays different games, and he will play that sometimes but prefers the DS

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He's got this for his birthday,default,pd.html

With come Cars cars to go with it.

I REALLY want to get him the Leapfrog Leapad but it's sold out everywhere except ebay where they are going for £££ so I might have to think of something else Sad

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Now I'm thinking I could get him a Nintendo DS.....?!? Do you think that would be good?

Does anyone know what the difference is between the DS/DS lite/ DSi?!? I have no idea LOL I know I'm not paying for a 3DS Wink

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I'm done with all of our shopping, although I can't remember anything that I got because I've been shopping/doing layaways since August! DH and I have five kids between us (with another due any day now) and DD's birthday is 12/11... it's been a present buying rollercoaster!! Thank God I don't have to worry about it at the last minute!

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Started a while ago:

so far we bought:

-ice skates

-Blue's Clue Plush

-Blue's Clue x-mas DVD

-Dora set:

-little laptop:

-magic kit:

I think that's it for now.... don't know what I'll give him for his bday or x-mas.... probly skates on his bday and maybe Blue's stuff... the rest at x-mas.

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For her birthday, we got Jocelyn a tricycle. It's a Kettler Fold-N-Ride Ladybuggy.

For Christmas, we are doing two big joint gifts for the kids.
They are getting a play kitchen (from Ikea) with lots of play food.

And, they are getting a nice block set from Lakeshore. Jocelyn played with a set of these in a waiting room once, and she loved them. Holy cow are they expensive ($200 for the starter set -- I had no idea! But, I"m hoping they will be a good, solid toy that will get used by both kiddos for many years to come.

I will put some books in each of their stockings, and that's pretty much it from us. Our house is overflowing as it is! Smile

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I LOVE that ikea kitchen!! I wish I was 2/3 so I could have one Smile Ikea is only 5 minuets walk from me so we go down often and play with it!!

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For Liams Birthday we are getting him the first thing hes ever told us that he wanted and that's this Cranky :

And for Christmas we've gotten him:
-More hot wheels cars and tracks
- Elafun game
- A pack of 24 colours of play dough
- A few new books
- Leappad
-Some black and Decker play tools

He also gets a pair of Christmas jammies on Christmas eve.

I'm pretty sure were done shopping for him, but there's still over a month before Christmas so who knows what can happen between now and then Wink

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oh and some In the Night Garden books!

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I have been shopping for over a month in hopes of getting it all done by my birthday on december 10th. That starts a month of chaos involving 4 family birthdays, 2 friend birthdays, christmas and new years. yikes! It is sheer mayhem and shopping is not something I want to include in that. I should be almost done shopping for Kaiya. She is getting:

train set (from santa)
pirate and cowboy hats (mummy raided the halloween department)
a new dolly
pirate set
cash register and play money
Stitch stuffy

We are not sure yet how it will be divided between christmas and birthday.

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Erynn - where did you find the Leappad????? I've been looking everywhere!