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Hello... Long time no see...

They sent me an email to say they were going to disable my account, so I decided to stop putting it off and come back and say hi before I couldn't. Smile

No time to post much now as it's bedtime, but will do a proper update I promise. Congratulations to everyone who has had a new baby!

(I have no idea what my signature looks like, so that will be interesting....)

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Hi! :wavehello: Looking forward to your update!

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Hi! Nice to see you around. Let us know what you've been up to!

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Well I talk to you all the time Lol but :wavehello:

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Yes Sarah you probably don't need much updating Smile

Anyway, in brief:

Sally is in preschool 2 mornings and one afternoon now. She really enjoys it and seems to have lots of fun there. Unfortunately she is not so brilliant socially and to cut a long story short was referred to early support just after her third birthday because whilst her language was excellent she wasn't using it in a normal sociable way. We've seen a paed and the initial thoughts are that she has a social communication disorder. She may have Asperger's, but at the moment it is not an appropriate diagnosis as she does not have the other components of an ASD, although these may develop in time. At 3 it is apparently hard to tell. For the moment we are working with the fact that the explicit teaching of social behaviour will benefit her in the same way it would an autistic child. That said, she has made great strides in the last few months and is getting more and more chatty as time goes on. She is under referral to speech and language as they want to assess how high that is, and to occupational therapy as she has some sensory-seeking issues. Fortunately for the moment at least everything seems fairly mild, but I do worry it may become a bigger problem as she gets older. However, she also plays imaginatively and creatively with a whole host of toys, has a wicked sense of humour, loves poetry, and is learning to read, so she has a lot to offer the right kind of sensitive friend.

Romy is now 16 months old and very grown up with it! She copies EVERYTHING (something Sally never did) and her language has suddenly taken off in the last few weeks which is really really cute. She is a big bruiser of a girl, really naughty and really pretty.

I am still a SAHM, teaching some high-school students in the evenings, and generally things are good. Smile

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HI !!!
Glad to hear from you!
Also glad to hear Sally is getting help with her condition!
Post pics if you have time... it's always fun seeing our Sugar Plums and new additions!!
Take care!

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Good to hear from you!!! Glad that Sally is getting the assistance she needs, keep us posted and I agree with Vicky - pics please Wink