DITLO Alexander (super pic heavy)

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DITLO Alexander (super pic heavy)

It's totally the worst week..Alexander has got a cold and Tobey is teething so we are all tired and grumpy but still..here we go Smile

If you want to see Tobey's DITL too it's here Smile


7am and he just got up as daddy was going to work and was worried daddy was going to go without saying good bye

Then it's time to get dressed

All dressed and still sleepy...

Down stairs for breakfast we go and he plays with Tobey's toys

Then demands he goes in the "Gar" (garden)

But not before breakfast..which he asked for ice cream :rolleyes: so we compromised on yoghurt Lol


But he did make a mess Wink

Then he's Bob the Builder for a bit

Then it's bum change time

Then he wants to watch Cars.....

but fell and banged his head on the coffee table...

Now it's time to go and play in the "GAR"!!!

Now I need to put the washing out so he helps

And while I've got my back turned gets his foot stuck in the door *sigh* This was obviously taken after I'd done the rescuing Smile

Then it's bum change time again

Followed by the "there are no more sweeties" tantrum

Then I make lunch and tell him the oven is hot


We eat

All gone

So he'll just sit and watch TV for a bit

Another bum change (and play with Tobey's toys)

Then we go for a walk to the shops and I HOPE that the boys might do some sleeping

But no...

Anyway...We go back into the garden and I tell him he needs to put his shoes on so off he goes into the cupboard to bring his shoes.....

I don't think they are right ROFL

Right shoes and off he goes to play

Come back in and play with his toy garage

And back out...

Leaving a trail of destruction

Then back in (no he doesn't sit still) and he hands me his transformer which he gets very upset about when he changes it into a robot and asks me to make it back into a car

Then Daddy's home and they are off to the park

(there are photos of this on DH's phone but it's taken me so long to do this I can't be bothered to download them..but you know what a park looks like :lol:)

Then home and..you guessed it..back in the garden Smile

With some yummy milk Biggrin

Then upstairs with daddy and he plays with his instruments while daddy has a shower

Then I make dinner (tomato soup) but..

He goes in time out because he would rather be outside and won't eat

Now he's really tired because he's not feeling well so early night tonight

Wee on the toilet


tooth brush

get ready for bed

And stories with daddy and night night (5.45..yay for mummy)

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Love how he's in and out of the garden the whole time - our garden is too horrible to do that at the moment Sad

I am very impressed with the size and tidiness of your DVD collection!

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What a busy boy! I love that he found and wore your shoes. Lol

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What a cutie! Looks like he keeps busy Wink

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Looks like a fun day! Your lucky it's nice out so he can play outside! Can't wait for spring weather to come our way!
Oh and Hunter loves his hard hat too! Lol

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"VickiS" wrote:

I am very impressed with the size and tidiness of your DVD collection!

That's about a third of them. There is also a 7ft shelf unit nearly full. Gavin is a film-aholic :rolleyes:

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Your pics are soooo cute!! I love the trail of destruction. Maybe that's because I can relate to it. Thanks for sharing!

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Busy boy! I can also relate to the trail of destruction Wink

Is 5:45 a normal bedtime for Alexander?! Seems so early since he gets up at 7. I wish Claire would sleep that long!

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"MandyMommyto1" wrote:

Is 5:45 a normal bedtime for Alexander?! Seems so early since he gets up at 7. I wish Claire would sleep that long!

Not at all! It's usually 7 but because he was ill and hadn't had a nap he went to bed early. He normally gets up around 6.30 too so he'd also had a lie-in Smile

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He sure is a busy boy!!

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I thought I replied to this already! Ha!

Anyway, so cute. I think he would get along with Ryken great! They could leave a trail of destruction together Lol