DITLO Lily **Pic Heavy of Course**

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DITLO Lily **Pic Heavy of Course**

***I may have gone a little overboard taking pictures, but I had fun doing it! Enjoy everyone!***

Good morning everyone! I'm always happy in the morning! It's Saturday so I don't have to go to my babysitter and can stay with Mommy all day! Today I decided to check my email 1st thing.

Mommy got me all dressed. Now I'm ready to play for a bit!

Look who's awake too! This is my little brother, Lucas. I call him "Woocus." Smile

I want to help get him up.

Time for milk. I drink soy milk because I'm allergic to regular milk.

I'm going to sit in my brother's chair to drink it. I know it used to be my chair because it's pink!

Mommy had to wash my sheets because I wet them overnight. She decided to throw PupPup and BunBun in while I wasn't looking and hoped I wouldn't notice!

Then I wanted to watch my favorite movie Monster's, Inc.

Mommy let me eat my breakfast while I watch.

Now it's time for my kitties to eat. I love to help feed the kitties!

Then I decided to climb in Luke's crib with him. I love my brother!

Mommy let me pick out some stickers. I also love stickers!

But I threw a fit because Mommy said I could only have 2 stickers! That's not fair!

Look who's all clean! PupPup and BunBun make me happy again!


Now it's time for a tea party and some cooking in my very own kitchen.

Then Mommy took Lucas and me to the playground at the school near our house because it was such a nice day. I love the playground!

The big twisty slide is my new favorite. Wheeeee!!!

Time to go home. Mommy let me practice my driving for a bit. She says I can't get my license until I'm 16 though.

It's naptime, but Mommy forgot that my sheets were still in the dryer, so she let me ride on my horsie for a bit while she makes my bed.

I had a good nap, but now I'm awake! I also decided that I needed my shoes for naptime. Dirol

Mommy changed me since she said my playground clothes were dirty. Then I fed my piggy. I know how to find coins in Mommy's wallet for my piggy.

Off to Grandma & Grandpa's house for dinner! We eat there a lot because Mommy doesn't like to cook. I wanted to wear my new hat to dinner so Mommy let me.

This is my Aunt Debra, she's a really fun aunt!

This is me with my Grandma.

I love to play with Grandpa!

Mommy makes me sit still for a minute for a picture with her and Lucas. I hate sitting still, but she let me hold the baby!

Dinnertime! We had steak and french fries and tomatoes. I gobbled up all my tomatoes first and then my fries. I'm not a steak fan.

Then it was time for a bath so I can be all clean and happy!

Here's a bonus picture of my baby brother. He is pretty cute, isn't he?

It's getting late and I'm getting tired, so mommy says it's time to go home.

We're back home and I help put Lucas to bed and then give him a kiss goodnight.

Then Mommy reads me a story. Actually, I make her read me 5 stories. Biggrin I always want her to read me more, but she says 5 is enough.


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Aww, that's so cute. I loved her DITL Smile I love that she sleeps with so many teddies.

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Adorable pictures! Looks like quite a fun day! She has such pretty hair, too. Kate's has taken so long to grow out and it's still wispy and hard to fix.

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She is so cute! I love her little tantrum about the stickers Lol Ryken does the same thing when I take stickers away.

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wow what a fun DITLO!! She's soo cute!! Love her hair!! TFS!!!

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She is so adorable!!! So is Lucas!

D&G also love Monsters Inc. They like Boo. Thanks for sharing all of the pics!

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Awww so cute! Looks like a fun day for Lily!I can't believe how big Lucas is getting - such a little cutie pie!

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Great pics!!

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The girl is gorgeous, as is her brother!

Lovely DITLO, great to see what she's up to!