Easter Plans

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Easter Plans

What's everyone doing this year?

We're just doing a small get together w/ my parents and maybe my aunt & uncle. It's also my dad's bday that day so we'll be celebrating that too. I think I want to "hide" some eggs for Lily to find. I've not done an egg hunt w/ her before, but I think she is old enough to have fun looking for them this year.

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I'm actually going up to WI to visit family for a week over Easter. Just the boys and I, DH doesn't have enough PTO to take off work. We're meeting my parents half way next Thursday. I'm really excited to see family, but bummed DH can't come with. I'm doing a basket for Ryken and Sully and going to hide some eggs. I got him a Easter book about looking for eggs, so I'm hoping he gets it.

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We're not going anywhere Smile I love having long weekends at home.

We were planning to travel to Calgary to visit the in-laws, but as it turns out, most of the family are going on trips themselves, so we'll probably put it off util May long weekend. I'm actually quite glad, I hate travelling with Claire at this age - she just can't sit still in the car. What should be a 6 hour car ride turns into 9-10 hours with her along Sad

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we usually get together with family. but my mom just built a house and is moving thurs-sunday, so we cancelled easter! Smile But DH's coworker has a huge work/friend/family easter egg hunt/party/dinner that we will be going to on Easter. so it should be fun for the kids.

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Nothing planned. We have a really long Easter holiday this year because of the Kate and Will's wedding but apart from spending family time together that's about it

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4 days off with DH and Hunter, yay!! Staying home and having supper at my parents and inlaws who lives minutes away....
awww relaxing time !

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We will go and visit my inlaws on Sunday. We are taking Makenna to our town's easter egg hunt on Saturday, and i am doing an easter basket for her this year.

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I work this Easter so I will be working and DH and the kids will probably go to his mom's house for dinner and an egg hunt.