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freaking out

Does anyone else's kid freak out over stupid things?

Alexander is doing it loads. Like today...He saw I was throwing his advent calender out so screamed because he "needed" it. Then at dinner he wanted a carrot so I gave him one off Tobey's plate and he freaked because it was Tobey's.

He freaks if I put the "wrong" coat or shoes on him. If he doesn't have the shirt on he wanted. If something is moved from it's regular place...I'm dreading taking the Christmas tree down!! :rolleyes:

Please tell me it's not just Alexander!!!

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Welcome to the 3's Wink

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"canadianlady" wrote:

Welcome to the 3's Wink

LOL..So true! 3's are worse than 2's in lots of ways!

Kate isn't freaking out about those types of things per se, but she is MUCH more demanding and is in "I can do it by myself" mode. She has to have the perfect set of babies to sleep with and whines for different ones after she's in bed. She refuses help with the potty. If I try to rush her along by helping her with her pants or putting her on the potty, she gets down, pulls her pants back up, then back down, and gets on the potty all over again. :rollseyes: That part is super-annoying because sometimes she doesn't scoot her bottom back far enough and pees on the floor. Grr.. She's getting better though. There are other things like that. Mostly she is whiney.

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PHEW!!! Glad he's not turned into some freak child with weird issues and it's normal Lol

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Ryken does this all the time! He's always had some irrational fears to begin with, so this isn't helping! He doesn't like new blankets or shoes, jackets that are too big, baths (at the moment), and going to my IL. I can relate to the IL thing Lol

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Lol!! Liberty goes ballistik on me all of the time! It's like she's bipolar! One minute she'll be a sweet little angel, and the next she'll be flipping out! I'm hoping it's just a phase (at least, that's what we have to tell ourselves to keep our sanity lol)!!

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Right there with you. Smile

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We are there, too. Caitlynn screams and cries over silly things. For example, she has these books she calls "looking books" and they can't be with the rest of her books in her backpack - she has to carry them around. It we leave ONE at home, she will freak out. If we leave them downstairs, she freaks out. She carries them EVERYWHERE! *sigh*

Our days have become filled with our angelic monster. I've heard this about the threes. As one of my friends says, "You think this is bad? Wait for the f-ing fours." Oh great. Blum 3

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Oh yes this is HUNTER for sure, MR. Mad for nothing all the time Freaking out!! urgggggggggggggg