Getting dressed, going to the bathroom, ect...

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Getting dressed, going to the bathroom, ect...

Does your LO do any of this on their own? We've been trying without success to get Ryken to use the bathroom by himself. He know how to get his pants and underwear off, but he'd rather we do it. If we don't do it for him, he'll just sit on the bathroom floor calling for us and then eventually pee in his pants. He also doesn't dress himself, but we haven't really been working on that. Maybe if we get him to dress himself, he'll use the bathroom on his own too. We'll still wipe for poo, because I don't trust him Smile

What about shoes, jackets, ect? Ryken can put his crocs on and boots, but struggles with his velcro shoes.

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Alexander happily takes himself to the bathroom no problem. I always wipe him though. There is no way I'd trust him to do it himself Lol Actually when he asks to go and we are out he makes me wait outside!!

As for getting undressed, he can undress himself be he nearly always asks me to help him. He can also dress himself, although he normally gets a bit confused with t-shirts. Again, he CAN do it but always asks for help.

Jacket, for some reason always goes on back to front. And shoes always on the wrong feet. But he can take both off no problem.

It's not something we have pushed for him to do himself, he just wants to Smile

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Hunter goes to the bathroom by himself and doesn't want us there Lol But we do wipe his bum.
He can undress himself and kinda dress himself.
He can put his boots, shoes, hat, mits and coat but can't zip it.
He doesn't know how to put his ski pants ... but he is getting there.

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My boys can undress theirselves, but never really do. They both have gone to the bathroom alone, but that's only a handful of times. They always want help.

I really need to get better at letting them do more. I'm just so used to doing everything that it's like I don't even think about letting them do it.

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Makenna can take her clothes off and will help to put them on. She loves to zip her coat up but needs help to put it on. She can put her boots on but we have to show her which boot goes on which foot.

We have just started to use the potty so she still needs help with that.

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Kate dresses and undresses herself, no problem. It's just our routine. It would take too long to get everyone out the door if I had to do it, lol. She needs help with buttons, still. She can go to the bathroom by herself and does about 50% of the time. Then she has those whiney moments when she wants help when she doesn't need it.

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Liberty definitely goes to the bathroom herself, pee and poop, and wipes herself. If I tried to help her she would get upset and tell me, "I can do it mom!" lol... as far as getting dressed, she likes us to do it for her. She can get her panties on by herself, but as for the outfit we do it. She gets her own shoes on and off. I think in this regard there is no right and wrong, just what they're comfortable with doing!