Going home!!!!

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Going home!!!!

DH is finally coming home tomorrow!!!!

Friday will make 9 weeks since his accident and he is doing so good now. I can't believe we will finally all be home together again! Torey still has a long road to recovery but it really does feel like he is right on the edge of a breakthrough. he has moments where everything is normal and these moments are lasting longer and longer and come much more often. I will have my DH back soon! Thank you all for everything!!!

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I am so pleased to read this! That's great! I'm sure being at home will help masses too because it will be much more 'normal', if you know what I mean; it must help rehabilitate him.

You've done so well coping with everything, I hope it's not long until everything is ok again.


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does he know who everyone is now?

I'm so glad he's coming home. You must be beyond thrilled. Have the boys missed him too?

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I've been reading your updates and am so happy for you guys!!!!!

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I'm beyond happy for you!!!!!! Enjoy your time with all your fella's Wink ((HUGS))

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YAY!!! Biggrin That's the best news ever! I'm so happy for you guys!

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That's awesome - congratulations!!!

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Yay, soooooooooooooo glad and happy for you!!!!:p:p:p

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Great news!!!

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So happy for you Jenny! Hope it is going well!