Good News!

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Good News!

So as you all know, DH was away at college for the past 2 years (6hours away from home).........well that's over and done with!! AND he got a job, starting tomorrow morning in what he studied in!! YOUPY!!
He will be working at the Ministry of Natural Resources.
The only thing is the job is one hour drive from home.... so we have to buy a car cause we only have one vehicule. Usually he takes his bike to work but not for one hour drive LOL....
so a expense we were not planning but we have no choice.
We are soooooo happy he finally have a good job and he could transfer here later on if an opening happens.
We are looking to buy a Huynday Accent. Very small car so we don't spend too much on gas... since it's 142.9$/L here in the North~!:eek:

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Congrats to your DH!! Good luck on finding a new car, too. I hope he's able to transfer closer soon. I'm so excited for you!! Yahoo

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That is wonderful!!!!!

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That is so exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS to him and your family Smile

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That's awesome! Yahoo

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Great news!! So happy for you guys! Smile


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That is fantastic!