Got my date! xp

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Got my date! xp

Copied from the April '11 board

Baby is measuring 8 lbs 12 oz today! :eek: She said the measurement is +/- about 1 pound. I decided to go with the induction plan at 39 weeks, not just because he is big. My DH is an airline pilot and has taken 3 weeks off for the baby to come. If I hang around and go overdue he will be back at work flying all over the country (and some internationally). Our families live 4 hours away and 8 hours away, so it just makes sense to plan for him to come so the kids are taken care of and so that I have my labor coach with me, plus help after the baby gets here. I have had great induction experiences with relatively short labors (~7 hours and ~5.5 hours) so I'm expecting and hoping for a similar experience this time. The BIG DAY is April 7th...the countdown has begun!!!

4+7=11 Biggrin

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Yay for a date!! I can't wait to 'meet' baby Anderson!!!!!!

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Yoohoo! How exiting!!

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OOhh exciting! Good luck!

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yay!! how exciting

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YAY for a date! I had a great induction experience as well... from the time they broke my water, I had him in 5 hours. It was so much more controlled than my experience with Bryce.

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Already posted on BLC, but yay for a date!! So close!

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Congrats!! You're almost there, that's great!

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Won't be long now!!