Growing pains??

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Growing pains??

Anyone had to deal with that yet??
Hunter wakes up at night crying and screaming! He says to us that his legs hurts and wants us to rub them. He really seems in pain, poor thing. We think it's growing pains.... any thoughts??

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Awwww, poor little guy! We haven't dealt with it here, but one of my college friends said that she remembers getting them when she was little and it was always at night.

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Not had that here. He just wakes up because of bad dreams

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We've wondered about growing pains. Ours wakes up at night almost every night now, though he used to be a really good sleeper. We can't figure out if it's growing pains, bad dreams, night terrors, or what.

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I have three and have never had any issues with growing pains. Is it possible for a child to have restless leg syndrome (RLS)? I would definitely ask a pediatrician about it...