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Hey ladies!! It has been a while since I have been over here, and wow have I missed some stuff!! Congrats to all of you expecting new little ones. I'm excited for all of you!

Things are good here. Dalton and Gavin are absolutely crazy and LOUD, but I'm sure you all understand that. Wink They are obssessed with Transformers. Gavin IS Bumblebee and Dalton is Optimus Prime. I'm sure most have you have seen that on FB.

Dh is doing good. He actually might have to have another surgery on his arm though. This will be the 5th one since his accident if he does have it. We should find out on Monday. He still has issues with his memory and I notice different little things here and there, but overall he is good. Such a miracle. And I want to thank you all again for your support last year with everything. It really means so much to me and all of my family.

We are trying to sell our house right now, but that's really about it. I'm just busy keeping up with my monkeys all of the time. I wish I knew where they get their energy!

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I've been keeping up with your in FB but :wavehello:

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Hi Jenny! It's great to see you and your big boys. I can't even imagine the level of loud with two this age. They are adorable and look so much like you in your signature pic.