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Hi everyone! I was part of the group back when we were all pregnant with our December babies. I am expecting my second child in September and was taking a peek at that board but wanted to first say hello to all of the ladies who got me through my first pregnancy. Over time, I just kind of fell off when life took over. I am very happy to see so many of you are still checking in here. All of your big boys and girls are beautiful and I see that many of your families have grown even more in the last 3+ years. Good luck to everyone and and I hope everyone is doing great!


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I remember you lol

Congrats on expecting no.2! Not long until September!!

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Hi Carrie!!!
Glad to be hearing from you!!! Congrats on expecting #2!!
Hope life as been good to you and your family!

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Congrats on your baby girl due in September!! I remember you well.

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Hey Carrie! Long time no see. Congrats on the sept baby! Wish you all the best. Don't be such a stranger!

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Hi Carrie! I hope you'll hang out with us again! Congratulations on your soon-to-be new addition!

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Hi Carrie!!!!! Good to see you again! KUP on your soon to be new little arrival!

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Hi Carrie!! Good to hear from you. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and KUP

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Good to see old faces around here! Congrats on #2 and I hope you'll be sticking around here!

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Thanks for all the love ladies!