Hunter's Birthday!!!

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Hunter's Birthday!!!

Hunter turned 3 yesterday! We had a wonderful day, no tantrums and lots of fun. We gave him his gifts in the morning cause we knew he would have a bunch of other gifts that evening. We invited my parents, the inlaws, the godparents,... in total we were 12. It was fun.Around 11am we went to my work to see Santa Claus. I told Hunter, Santa came down espicially to see him on his birthday!! Here are some pics:

Hunter's first gift at 8am: a T-Pain Microphone, lol! That kid loves to sing and dance!

Hunter with Blues' Clues:

Hunter the magician:

Hunter showing Santa how old he his today:

Santa was at my work on Hunter's Birthday so here's a pic of us (notice we all have our Umizoomi Shirts!!)

Hunter's cake:

Ready to hit the rink:

Loves his firetruck:

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Great pics!! Happy birthday Hunter!

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great pics. Happy Birthday Hunter!!

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Happy Birthday Hunter!

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Happy belated birthday Hunter! When did our babies grow up into big kids????

Love the T-Pain mic, lol.

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Great pictures! How does he do skating? I've been wanted to take Ryken, but I'm unsure how he'll react to just putting the skates on :rolleyes: