Hunting Season Pics

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Hunting Season Pics

It's hunting season here in Ontario so I thought I'd share some pics of my big grown up son.

4 wheeler ride with Mommy and Daddy, looking for partridges and moose:



My Dad and his moose:


In our yard:


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Awww what a cutie!! That moose brings back so many memories of living up North! I'll never forget the first time I saw one hanging - I was going to babysit for a local family and walked into their car port to knock on the door and almost ran smack right into a hanging moose! It soooooo freaked me out!

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Hunting season is strange to me, we just hunt game birds in our country Lol And you can do that all year round.

Great pics though. Hunter is a cutie

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Great pics!!

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Looks like he had fun! It's the start of deer hunting (gun) in WI in a couple weeks. DH wanted to take Ryken for one morning, but I don't think he would be quite enough.

I can't wait to stock our freezer up with deer burger!