hurting themselves?

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hurting themselves?

Anyone else Sugar Plum hurts himself when mad? Hunter looses it when he gets angry. The other day he was playing WII and he missed and got upset. He scratched himself on his chest ... 3 big scratches.....
Hope he doesn't' get used of doing that .... He had swimming lessons the next day and it still showed on his chest, poor thing~~:(

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Zayden has started banging his fists on his legs when he gets mad....HARD. Man, when that kid gets mad, he gets mad! So far not enough to cause bruises but he will ball up his fist and start hitting himself over and over again on his thighs until I intervene and stop him.

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No, Alexander screams (not cry, scream, like someone is hurting him) or throws things. But I think it's because that's what he see's DH doing when he's mad

If he's mad at a person he just repeats what the other person said but yelling it like "Alexander stop doing that" and he yell "NO!! YOU STOP DOING THAT!!" and pretends to hit you, but he never actually does.