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OMG. This is a serious issue I've got. Who said Alexander talking was a good idea Lol

As soon as I start having a conversation with someone he's in my face (I mean literately in my face-climbing, jumping) yelling "mummy, mummy, mummy" getting progressively louder until I eventually just tell him to shut up. When I ask him what he wants he just goes "errrrm..."then will tell me something like "Me drinking orange" :rolleyes:

I know it's a normal toddler thing to happen but AHHH. I seriously cannot talk to anyone when he's there

Anyone got any tips on teaching him it's rude? I have tried explaining it to him but he doesn't listen. Actually I'm pretty sure he knows it's rude but just does it anyway..

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We have the exact same problem here. I was thinking about posting this question myself.

I am so grateful that Jocelyn is talking to me and initiating communication with me, that I think I am WAY too soft on her and allow her to interrupt me WAY too much. I pretty much just respond to her right away when she interrupts.

It's a battle in my mind between encouraging her to use and improve her verbal communication skills (which still need lots of work!), or to try to curb the interrupting and teach her more politeness and courtesy. At this point, she does not understand the concept of waiting, which is what I tell myself when I let her interrupt. But I think this is going to bite me in the butt down the line...

I'd love to hear some strategies on this, too. Smile

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Lol... I think they all do that! DD is definitely doing that, and I just tell her that mommy is talking and if she needs to tell me something she needs to say "excuse me." It takes time, but he'll get it eventually!

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Yep Hunter doesn't like to be ignored!!:rolleyes: But I just tell him to wait, Mommy is talking or when he insist I just listen to what he has to say and continue with my day.

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We have the same problem. When she interrupts I have started insisting that she say "excuse me" (comes out "git me me") before I am willing to listen to what she has to say. Maybe someday it will stick! LOL

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I swear I can never have a conversation with anyone when Ryken is around. I don't get it! He can be happily playing and if he hears me on the phone he starts bugging me and climbing all over me and demanding things.