Jocelyn is now 3, too!

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Jocelyn is now 3, too!

Today was a wonderful day, celebrating Jocelyn's 3rd birthday. She loved her cake and blew out the candles on her own. She loved opening her present and tried it out right away. She did great at dinner and was well behaved at the toy store and picked out a princess dress for her birthday purchase.

The difference in her from last birthday to this birthday is mind-blowing. Today was just fantastic!

Here's a picture of the birthday girl on her birthday present -- a tricycle!

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Happy Birthday Jocelyn!!

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Hope you had a wonderful birthday Jocelyn!! Isn't the difference between two and three years old just mind blowing??!! I guess it's just like the difference in their first year as well... going from that precious teeny newborn to a big girl at one year old!

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Happy Birthday Jocelyn!! Jocelyn is really starting to look like her mommy!!

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Happy belated birthday Jocelyn!! She looks so sweet on her tricycle. Smile

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She looks so grownup on her trike!