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Just curious....

I'm a long time lurker. I posted a few times when I was pregnant and maybe a few after he was born, but life has gotten in the way Blum 3
But anyways.... the thread on sleeping has got me wondering:
Is everyone's Sugarplums in "big kid" beds by now?
Connor is still in a crib. I haven't really given it much thought, cause he is an only and I don't really have friends with kids his age. I kinda think that I could convert his bed and he would go straight to it, no problem, but he's never tried to climb out (shocking, I know!) so it hasn't even crossed my mind. Do I need to get to it? lol

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if he's not climbing out keep him in his crib as long as you can!!! Alexander kept getting himself stuck so we moved him into a bed just before he turned 2. It was a lot easier when he was still in his crib Smile

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DS didn't try to climb out either but he got his big boy bed (toddler bed) when little brother came along. I think its up to you when you move him but I know for us moving him started/coinsided with him wanting to be more independent.

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Lily sleeps in a toddler bed. I had to move her b/c I needed the crib for my DS, but she actually moved on her own a few weeks before I was planning on doing it. I set up her toddler bed in her new room and made a big deal about it being her big girl bed. One night she asked me if she could sleep there, so I said yes (of course! Lol and she's never gone back to her crib. Well, okay, she has climbed back in the crib a few times, but only b/c she wants to be w/ her baby brother. Biggrin

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Jocelyn is in a racecar toddler bed.

She was able to climb out of her crib and back into her crib and back out of her crib and on top of her dresser and down from her dresser and back into her crib, repeat, etc, at way too young of an age.

We first tried taking the front off her crib and using the crib converted to a toddler bed. No go. She wouldn't sleep on the mattress. She was just so excited to be free from the crib that she never wanted to go back in.

Then when we got the racecar bed (no walls, just a flat racecar plastic base and a mattress), she LOVED it and has slept in it pretty much every night since we got it. It's not confining at all, which I think was the trick for her.

If she would not climb out of it, she'd still be in a crib today. My son is less of a climber, and he's staying in his crib as long as possible! Smile

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Also, I just sent you a private message with some info on speech delay resources. Smile

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toddler bed here

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My oldest stayed in the crib until he was nearly 3, and the only reason he came out of it was for his baby brother. I agree, keep you LO in the crib as long as possible! Biggrin

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Ryken's in a toddler bed. He started it in January.

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Makenna was in a toddler bed at 19 months. She had mastered the art of climbing out of the crib! Now she is the proud owner of a twin set of bunk beds.

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I bought a 4-way crib for Liberty and switched it to a toddler bed when she hit two years. She's always slept great in it and never fallen out of it either (it has no guard rails, and I didn't want to buy one because I would have to put screws in the wood and it would ruin it). She does really well and stays in her bed all night.