Kaden's 3! And we're PG again!

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Kaden's 3! And we're PG again!

Hello all, it has been a while. I apologize now for stepping away for so long. I needed to for my own sake for a while. I'll explain as I get into all out good news.

First...Kaden turned 3!! His birthday was the 13th, but he had the party the week before so we could surprise my mom for her 50th on the 11th. He had a "Super Why!" party that turned my house into a zoo of 3 year olds. But he had a great time and got lots of cool stuff. It's a little hard to believe how quickly he's growing up on me.

Second...we are (finally) pg with Baby 2!!! We've been TTC since March 2010 after my last depo shot 'expired'. We went several months trying with BBT and such with not luck, so the doctor started me a clomid. That caused the worst emotional upheaval ever. I was a mess from it. Not to mention that I had 6 people I'm really close to (2 SILs, cousin, coworker, and 2 close friends) get pregnant while I was on it. I figured I couldn't escape real life babies so I escaped reading about them here. NOTE: Very Happy For You All! I just couldn't handle it myself at the moment. So after many rounds out clomid (which was unsuccessful in even making me ovulate) I was sent to a fertility specialist. Of course, that brought on a whole other emotional mess because the insurance was giving us hassel and all the pre-tests the did that I had to wait through before we started anything. Finally we got moving though and did rounds of a shot called Follistem. The specialist told us there would be a 75% chance of it working in 3 rounds. So we started there.

And on the 2nd round it worked! They still aren't 100% sure what was wrong. It was some sort of adverse reaction to the depo shot. But at this point I don't care anymore. It's like a huge weight has been lifted for me and I feel normal again....well, as normal and pg can be.

my EDD is August 3, and I'm already counting down the days. Also, for those who follow on facebook, don't say anything yet! Our family and only 2-3 close friends know. Trying to keep quiet for a while yet until into the 2nd trimester.

Hope things have gone well for the rest of you. I'm slowly combing my way back through other posts to see what I've missed while l was gone.

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First of all :happybday: Kaden! I can't believe how fast the last 3 yrs have gone!

And secondly, congratulations!!! Yahoo :jumpingbeans: BiggrinYahooBiggrin :party: Yahoo HH9M to you and your little bean! BTW, Aug 1 would be a FANTASTIC bday for your LO, since it's also my bday Biggrin

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Happy birthday Kaden

And congrats on the pregnancy HH9M

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Happy birthday Kaden!! And congratulation on your pregnancy... that's so exciting!!

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and Happy Bday to Kaden!
Hope we hear from you more often now!

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Happy Birthday Kaden and congrats on baby #2!!

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Congrats on baby #2! I saw while lurking a while ago Lol Happy Birthday, Kaden!

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First of all, it's good to see you around here! Smile

Happy Birthday Kaden!!

I'm sorry you had to go through the stress of not being able to conceive for a while and having to see a specialist. But I'm so happy for you that it all worked out. Congratulations on #2!!