Kaden's a Big Brother! Pics Included

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Kaden's a Big Brother! Pics Included

Just letting you all know Kaden finally became a big brother on July 30th @ 8:11pm. Drake Alexander weighed in at 6lbs 2oz, 17 inches

The birth story can be found HERE if you want to read it.

Here are a couple pics too.

Right after birth

Meeting Kaden the first time.

Kaden loves holding him.

Came into the living room to this sight. I love it!

Smiley Drake at 3 weeks.

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Congrats!!! Love his name! The pics are SO cute!

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Such a beautiful little guy Smile Makes Kaden look huge though lol

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Congrats!!! You have two handsome boys!

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Congrats!!! Oh my... sooo love the pic of your two sons together... wow!!!

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They are both so cute! Congrats!!!!


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Congrats! Sooooo cute!!! Love his name, the 2 boy names go so well together Smile

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Congrats!! He's beautiful and I love the pic of Kaden sleeping with him. That is so sweet!! What a good big brother!

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Congratulations on baby Drake! You have two beautiful boys. Kaden must love being a big brother.