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So registration for Junior kindergarten is coming up next month for the 2012-2013 school year, I don't know what the starting age or year for everywhere else is but in Ontario its for 2008 birth year, that means Liam could start kindergarten in September, he'd be the youngest in his grade or I could wait until September 2013 which would make him the oldest in his grade.

I'm nervous sending him this September, I know hes a smart little guy, and that Junior kindergarten isn't much different from Daycare/preschool,but it seems like a big step, especially if they switch to full day everyday daycare. He's just so little, and he'd be the youngest too.

He's asked on several different occasions if I could take him to school, so I know hes interested in going and I think we've decided to send him for this September... but isn't he still my little smooshie baby?

When are all your sugarplums starting school, and how are you feeling about it?

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Pre-K is for 4 year olds in the US, although there are many preschool programs for 2-3 year olds as well. We probably wont do any schooling until Ryken is 4- so Fall 2013. We can't afford $150+ per week to send Ryken now otherwise we would. I think he would LOVE to go to school. He loves other kids. Pre-K is included in our public school system, so it will be free.

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Katie, so your school system does Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten, then Gr 1?

Ontario's is Junior Kindergarten and Senior Kindergarten, then Gr 1.

If you could send Ryken this September to Pre-K would you?

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With the new LO being due in August we are looking into a 3-4 y.o. PreSchool for Kaden this year. It would run August-May. We are looking at the MWF 8:30-12:30. It's through a friends church and is $150/month which should be swingable. He's done lots of park district classes and loves going...especially when mommy isn't around. Plus I look forward to a little 1-no-1 time with baby.

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At least here in California, what to do with the Oct-Dec birthday kids has been such a hot button item! Effective Jan 1, California changed the law that your LO must turn 5 by 9/1 to start kindergarten. That said, we plan to stay with the elementary school at the preschool Z is at so he will start when he is 4 turning 5. They do not support delaying school unless its absolutely necessary. He has this year and next in preschool. YIKES!

Even though he has been at this school since last year, I think I will have a hard time when he is officially in elemenatary school --what happened to my baby!!!

The hard part for us is that I really would not hold him back (unless somethign totally unexpected comes up) and he is one of but not the youngest in his class --there are other kids as young. BUT --with Calfornia's rules, his peers will always be older by almost a year. When he goes to 2nd grade CCP -- all the kids will be a year older, if we sign him up for sports that group by grade instead of age --even boy scouts -- he will be the youngest. That worries me a little.

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Pre school is for 3-4 year olds in the UK. You start the term after you turn 3. So Alexander started last week Sad They do 15 hours.

He will start, what is called reception class but basically Kindergarten, the school year after he turns 4, so Sept 2013. There are a few schools, but none close to me where you can start the school year after they turn 3 but I'm happy for him to be in pre school until 2013 (even if some *@^$ kid bit him on the arm yesterday, Alexander didn't know who did it but he was only upset because the boy didn't say sorry Sad But as he couldn't tell the teachers who it was they couldn't discipline anyone. I think they were worried I was going to freak out at them for it happening, but some kids bite!! Anyway, the teachers are lovely so I know they did everything they could to sort it)

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I'm having a REALLY hard time with the thought of Jakey going to school in September. He is really, really behind on his words - I'd say he's at a 1 year old level right now but of course can say Yo Dude :roll: We are in a program that teaches me how to get him to talk - its crap really but its the first level of getting real Speech Therapy and I just want this over with so that he can get onto the next level. Our school is still full days every other day and every other Friday. Sept. 2013 it goes to full days so when Emma starts - not liking this at all!!!! LOL. When does your school start full days Erin? I heard that even if we opt not to put him in school this September, that he would just skip JK and go straight to SK the next year which would still mean he'd be the youngest in his class SIGH. And even if we could put him into JK in 2013, then I'd have to hold back Emma too cause I don't want them in the same grade KWIM? Ahhhhhh this all makes my head spin LOL.

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I'm not sure about the him skipping JK this year and heading into straight into SK next year to start, i'll have to check that out, he'll definitely will be going this September if that's the case.

I'm most worried about his attention span and how little desire he has for coloring, tracing letters, shapes etc. But maybe he'll be more interested if all the other kids are doing it.

Some schools have already switched to full-time kindergarten, and I think his is one that will be switching for 2013 start.

That would make my head spin too, hopefully you can get Jake into speech therapy soon, I bet hes just one of those kids who are capable of talking but just don't care too.

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Erynn- if I had the option to send Ryken to pre-k fall 2012, I wouldn't. I wouldn't want him to be one of the youngest boys. It's harder for boys to be one of the last to mature in their class when they reach puberty. (BUT if that's the norm in Canada, then it shouldn't matter) It's just a preference of me and DH. He'll go to pre-k fall of 2013 and kindergarden the following year. It's law here that kids need to be 5 by sept 1.

So, if you don't send him this year you cant just send him to preschool the following year? You have to skip right to kindergarden?

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Liberty won't be going to Kindergarten until the 2014-2015 school year, as in the state of Nevada you can enter Kindergarten at the age of 4 as long as you turn 5 by September 30, which of course Liberty will not. So she'll enter after she's 5. I'm fine with that anyway, I'm not ready to let her go just yet!! She's still my baby princess!

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"KatieWillis" wrote:

Erynn- if I had the option to send Ryken to pre-k fall 2012, I wouldn't. I wouldn't want him to be one of the youngest boys. It's harder for boys to be one of the last to mature in their class when they reach puberty. (BUT if that's the norm in Canada, then it shouldn't matter) It's just a preference of me and DH. He'll go to pre-k fall of 2013 and kindergarden the following year. It's law here that kids need to be 5 by sept 1.

So, if you don't send him this year you cant just send him to preschool the following year? You have to skip right to kindergarden?

ITA--I wouldn't do it either. My MIL teaches K and she says the younger ones (boys in particular) have a REALLY rough time in class, especially if they've never been in a daycare/preschool setting. In AZ, kids have to be 5 before 10/01 to start K, but you can petition to get them in earlier. So Noah will be an older K, as he won't start until he's almost 6. I asked her opinion about petitioning, because she says Noah's a lot smarter than some of the kids in her class even, and she said not to do it, that it would be too tough on him. She thinks it's best to wait until he's older and let him mature a bit. Hope you don't mind me butting in! Good luck with your decision!

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I live in Ontario too. I am signing my LO up in a few weeks. She will start kindergarten at 3 and will not turn 4 until the middle of Nov. She is so excited and so ready to go. My Older daughter started JK the week after she turned 4, she was also one of the younger kids in class but that hasn't seemed to bother her. There is a little boy in her class who turned 4 at the end of Dec and hes doing great.

Honestly I think if you think hes excited and ready then do it. JK is highly play based (although they do do circles, centers, library ect) Sk is a little more structured. So if he would have to skip JK next year and go straight to SK it might be a little harder since the other kids will already know how things work. Also further down the line he may be teased for being older (then again he'll be the first to drive and drink Wink so his friends might think he is cool) From the teachers I talk to the kids tend to all catch up by gr 1/ gr 2. and then age doesn't seem to be an issue

Its a LONG time between now and sept. He will be a different kid by then. You could always sign him up and then if in Sept you don't think hes ready you can call the school and let them know he'll be staying home for the year. Its scary to let our late in the year little ones do things like school where they are the smallest there. I'm excited for Addi to start school in sept since I know she is sooo excited but of course I'll worry a bit but I think I'm more worried about my older one not only starting a FULL day in gr one, but taking the bus and going to a completely new school for French Immersion... thank god JK's do staggered starts so they both wont be starting the same day.

Your school should have a welcome to kindergarten parent/child night where they give you information on the school, classes ect. And then the first two weeks of school they have you come in and meet the teacher (you and your child) and stagger the kids entry in to class so they are not so overwhelmed. There are a lot of Parks and Recs programs that help the kids get ready for school, where you start going with them and slowly pull away, and I know the Ontario Early Years Centres have a lot of free programs and some are catered to kids starting kindergarten. If you need more info feel free to PM me.

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Melissa I have a friend whose daughter is my eldest daughters age (5) and she has speech issues, she started JK last year (her 4th BD was in the summer) and shes doing so much better with her speech, shes in SK now and when I saw her over the winter break I was amazed hat how well I could understand her and how much she was talking.

As for full days, although school are scheduled I think it depends on the board. I do know from talking to the teachers here that the Catholic board is saying they wont be able to meet the target dates for full day since they dont have the funds, I'm not sure about the public schools, so you might luck out and they might still not have everything in place when Emma starts.

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In Ontario the kids have to turn 4 before Dec 31 to qualify for JK. Makenna won't be 4 until Jan 1/13, so she missed the cut off by just a few hours!!
I was told that I could petition the school board to let her start this fall if I wanted to but I am not so sure this is something I want to do. Makenna is quite smart and knows her shapes,letters and can count to 20. The issue I am having is that she has a VERY short attention span and she isn't potty trained yet......not even close!! I also worry because the school that she would attend is all day every day and this seems to be a lot for a child her age. She still naps most days.

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Hunter will start in Sept 12 and I am ready and He is too!!
He knows bunch of stuff, is potty train and can't wait to start.
I don't think it's gonna be a problem... of course, I am sad to see him go....