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So just curious when all your LO's start Kindergarten? Here in Canada (or Ontario anyways) they start Junior Kindergarten the year they turn 4 Sad I'm soooooo not okay with this! Jakey will be taking a bus (though luckily Ryan and Amber will be on the bus as well so that makes it a bit easier for me!). We were really thinking of not sending him because of his speech issues - which not sure if I mentioned it have finally been figured out that his jaw slides to the right when he speaks. But he is really improving so it looks like we'll be sending him and he really wants to go but i'm sad about it Sad He seems soooooooo young and if you think about it, he'll be turning 4 in December and some kids in his class that have early birthdays are going to be close to turning 5 - that's a big difference!

What about your LO's?

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Here it's the school year after they turn 4. He already goes to pre-school for 15 hours a week (which they start the term after they turn 3, so he's been there since January) and most of his friends from there will be going up to Kindergarten with him next September (so, 2013). He doesn't want to go. But to be honest he's in a phase of not wanting to do anything ever so I'm hoping he'll be a bit happier about it when the time comes. He'll also have to wear a uniform which he won't want to do either lol

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Wow, that seems so early Melissa! Here they have to be 5 years old by Sept. 1 to start Kinder, so Hayden is starting this year, and he will be one of the youngest in his class. Kate won't start for 2 more years, not until 2014! There is Pre-K at age 4, but it is only offered through the public school system to low-income, ESL (English as a second language), and to students who have learning disabilities (I believe). So if you want your kid in Pre-K and you don't meet one of those criteria, you send them to a private Pre-K and pay for it. So Kate won't even be in Pre-K until the 2013 school year. In the state of Texas, it isn't even mandated that they attend Kinder at age 5. But must be in school for 1st grade. It's good that Jakey will have his older sibs to ride the bus with him. I'm not letting Hayden ride the bus this year because Kinder is combined with all grades up through 4th on the same bus. No adult supervision, other than the driver. That just doesn't sit well with me. I'm glad to hear you found the issue causing the speech problems and that he's doing better!

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That's so soon! Here pre-K is pretty standard, but you don't start them usually unless they have turned 4 by Sept 1 of that school year. So Lily will be waiting 1 more year until I start her in pre-K.

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We are starting Luke in montessori school this fall. He had been more of a daycare before that. I would actually prefer a regular pre-k but those spots filled up before we even knew we were moving. I send him to spanish classes right now 6 hours a day and he loves it there. I think it will be ok. They make friends and have fun.

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Kaden will start Preschool in September...great timing with DS2 coming in August (maybe July!!). Unless he has serious regressions this year he won't qualify for the School District offered Pre-K next year either. We had him tested for their free program this year and he tested way too well to qualify. So he will have 2 years at his Pre-School then start Kindergarten in 2014...the year after he's turned 5.

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Liam's starting in September, we went for orientation last week. I'm positive he's ready, and he's very excited to go, we talk about it everyday.

I was nervous sending Liam, but I think he'll do great now. I view Junior Kindergarten more as a pre-school than actual kindergarten. It is optional, and I believe your even able to petition the school into letting late Birthday children start the following year, but I'm not sure how that works.

Have you had Jakes Orientation yet?

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Alexis won't go to kindergarten until 2014 because the cutoff is 5 years old by October 31. As far as preschool, my town doesn't offer any (New Jersey varies by district) but I will be sending her to a private preschool in September. It's too bad there aren't more pre-K programs in the public school system since private preschool is very expensive. Low income districts offer full day preschool but most middle class towns don't/can't.

The school I am sending her to teaches all subjects including art, music, gym, computers and Spanish. It is five days a week and is from 8:30-2:30. My town has half day kindergarten so if I move her to public school, it probably won't be until first grade.

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Being in Ontario too, Hunter starts at the end of August at 3 years, 8 months....
I think it is young too, some kids in his class are born in Jan 2008 so they are almost a year older!!!
But gladly Hunter talks ALOT, is curious and I think ready. The only thing that makes me nervous is his ability to stay calm!! and seated!! He moves a lot!!!
He will be in a 20 kids class (14 littles boys!!!, poor teacher!!) Praying it will go good for my boy!

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We live in Ontario too, Makenna won't go to JK until 2013. She was born Jan 1 (missed the cut off date by 2 hrs). I am glad because she is so young, and a very busy little girl!!

Makenna is ready to go, however, she asks to go to school almost every day!!