Kindergarten Screening

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Kindergarten Screening

So I was nosing around our public school district's webpage and it mentioned kindergarten screening for 3-5 year olds. I'm thing about getting Ryken screened just to see what they say. It's free and if they notice anything we need to work on we'll know. I really do think he has a hard time focusing and listening. He is definitely the worst listener in his swimming class. He isn't naughty or anything, he's just in his own little world.

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If they did something like that here I would totally go for it. I have no concerns with Alexander but you never know if it's just mummy goggles Smile Let us know how he goes on if you go for it!

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Oh yeah, I would do that too if it was offered. Hayden took swim lessons last summer (the month before he turned 4) and he was a terrible listener and didn't want to participate. Just wanted to do his own thing and splash. We pulled him out and decided to try again the next year. Not sure how he'll do in swim this time, but he has matured a LOT in a year. He starts Kinder in the fall... Just saying this because you pretty much described Hayden with the swim lessons and Ryken is at least 6 months younger than Hayden was at this time and Kinder is still a ways off. He sounds very normal to me. Smile But I think the Kinder screening sounds great.

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Here in Nevada kindergarden really isn't a big deal anyway, as they only go to school for 2 1/2 hours! What are they supposed to teach my child in that piddly amount of time?!?! But they teach them all of the basics, so I'm not too worried about it. I hate having to send my kids to the public schools here anyways, as our state is ranked 46th out of the nation for the worst schools. If I didn't have to work full time, I would homeschool my kids in a heartbeat.

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Luke will go into pre k fall of 2013 regardless... and he is in daycare (really like a preschool) 3 days a week now. PreK in the state of GA is 8-2 M-F and they teach socialization skills, how to listen, follow directions, play with others, ABCs, numbers, some sight words, etc. Kindergarten is INTENSE here! Bryce goes from 7:45-2:40 M-F, they have math, science, reading, music, gym, art, etc... not all everyday, but still, really in depth. Bryce is being tested for the gifted program this month. Smile

If it is offered to be screened just to see what Ryken still needs to work on in order to be ready, I say it can't hurt. If it's to see if he can start Pre K this fall, I personally think its too young. But that's my opinion. Maybe not so much for prek, but when he starts kindergarten. Here you have to be 5 by Sept of the school year to start kindergarten. I don't know if where you live has that same rule or not. But I kinda agree with this because of emotional maturity, social maturity etc. If Ryken would have the option of doing 2 years of pre k instead of 1, I would be all for that as well! That would be awesome. I would just be hesitant to have him in general start school a year early because at this age a year early can be a big deal.

But its all an individual choice and totally up to you!

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Smile Lurking Smile

Zayden's school doesn't do screening per se but they are already talking with us on issues to work on with him. As you may have seen Wink we are having "behavioral" issues with him for not listening or focusing and they are "concerned" how he will do in his last year of Pre K next year. As for listening in his swim class? I won't EVEN go there! LOL He almost 100% of the time winds up with one of the lifeguards walking over to his class and standing over him for the duration telling him to sit down, over and over and over and . . .

At his school, Zayden is what they call PK1 (the three year old class) and next year (assuming they let him come back LOL) he will be in the four year old PK2 class even though he wont turn 4 till Nov.

Absent some major issue, he will start kindergarten 2013 --so he only has one more year of preschool. and yes that seems awful young to me. we may have the option of holding him back one more year but that would be really hard for him if all his friends move on. Also the school doesn't really like to do that unless there is really no hope for him. Thus far, he is fine with pre-academics.

So my long story answer is I would probably recommend doing the screening. No harm in a different opinion looking at what is good and what could be worked on.

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Nichole- We wouldn't be doing it to get him into school early, just to see where he's at and if we need to work on anything. He won't start pre-k until 2013 and then kindergarten in the fall of 2014.

We realized we're not actually in the Appleton school district where we live right now, so we won't be doing the screening until we move into town. I'll let everyone know how it goes when we finally do it.