Liberty turned 3!!

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Liberty turned 3!!

I can't believe that my one and only princess turned three years old this past Sunday(I couldn't get to a computer on her actual birthday lol)! It's amazing the changes that she's gone through just since her second birthday. She was hardly saying more than a few words here and there, and now she'll talk and talk for hours about EVERYTHING! She's so amazing and beautiful... I'm so blessed to have her in my life! Happy birthday Liberty Jean!

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great pic! She's so pretty

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Happy Birthday Liberty!! She's such a pretty girl. And I see that you had your baby boy too! Congrats! How is everyone adjusting?

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Thank you! Everyone is doing really well! All of the kids just love him to pieces... especially Liberty, she says that it's her baby lol...

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Happy Birthday Liberty! She is beautiful! And congrats on your new baby boy!

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Wow such a cutie!!!
Happy Birthday!!
How are you with the new addition?