Luke's Speech Eval

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Luke's Speech Eval

Ok- so we had Luke's speech eval-ed today. He is in the 8th percentile for is age. Sad I can just kick myself for not taking him sooner. But the good news is that it is free thru my hospital and I LOVE the speech therapist there. She used to specialize with kids before she came to our hospital so I know he is in good hands. And she said she thinks he should be able to get up to speed before Pre K. She thinks that his recurrent EI he had as a baby played a huge roll and its just a matter of practicing and relearning sounds.

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Don't beat yourself up - mommy guilt does no one any good LOL. I'm so glad that you like his therapist - it makes a HUGE difference! The lady that did Jakey's first 2 evaluations was not great. He spent the entire time trying to get out of the room. I'm now in a parent lead class (which I think is a big joke but that's another topic) and we had to go get video taped with the therapist that is teaching the class and she was fantastic with him.

KUP on his progress!!

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:bighug: Stop with the mummy guilt, you've done nothing wrong!! Glad you like his new therapist, a good therapist helps a lot Smile

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We always tend to blame ourselves for anything and everything that has to do with out LOS's... but don't! There's a lot of parents out there who wouldn't even pay attention to the specific needs of their children. I'm glad he has a good therapist that you like!

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I feel similar guilt for not getting Jocelyn checked out by an ENT sooner and getting her tubes sooner than I did. I also still feel some residual anger toward our ped for him insisting over and over that she just had "daycare crud" and not referring me to have her hearing checked sooner. She ended up hearing like she was underwater for 10 months critical to language development, and we will be playing catch up for quite a while.

Personally, I think the 8th percentile sounds pretty good. When we had Jocelyn tested initially (1.5 years ago), she tested in the 0.5th percentile. I have no idea where she'd fall now. Probably lower than 8th but better than 0.5th.

Glad you like the therapist -- that is HUGE. If his only problem is articulation, I think you pretty much have nothing significant to worry about. That will come with time and therapy.

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Yeah I really think articulation is his only problem. I think the therapist needs more time with him, but that was her initial reaction.

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Please don't feel guilty!! Glad you like the speech therapist. KUP on how he's doing!