My First Doll House or other girl ideas

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My First Doll House or other girl ideas

Does anyone have the My First Doll House by FP? I'm thinking of getting it for Emma (who is the same age our LO's were last Xmas) and am not sure if she's too young for it.

Do any of you with girls have any ideas from last Xmas that your LO's liked? I'm finding her hard since we have tons of stuff from Jakey KWIM? I'm trying to go a bit more girlie stuff since we do have lots of boy stuff.

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Is it the Little People dollhouse? The pink one that makes sounds? Kate got that one 2 years ago and she was actually just playing with it a little while ago. Last year she got the purple dog Violet that you can program their name and favorite things into and it sings songs. She LOVES it. She and Hayden sometimes fight over it so he's getting the green one this year. She got a box of dress up clothes last year too and those have been a continuous hit. She loves to dress up like a princess. Smile

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I bought that dollhouse for DD, it's adorable. The only problem I have with it is that you have to buy all of the pieces for the inside separately... and they're not cheap! This year for Liberty's birthday/Christmas, I got her the Rango DVD, an angry birds stuffed animal, lots of squinkies, a big My Little Pony, a piggy that squeals and walks (you can't tell that she is an animal fanatic lol) and a few other things that I can't remember. Last year is when I got her the FP dollhouse, a kitchen, and some other goodies along those lines.

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I don't have girls, but Luke would LOVE a doll house! lol He loves pretend play so I don't its too young to get Emma one. I would just get one that is durable since it will probably take some beating, but other than that I don't see a problem with the doll house idea

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So how's was your little girl 2nd birthday? Mind sharing a pic or 2 Wink