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Nick Jr website

I don't know if you guys use it or not but just thought I'd share:
There is bunch of stuff for kids: videos, games, and printables (love those)!!
Hunter is obsess right now with Team Umizoomi and I can't seem to find anything in stores so I printed the iron-on characters and went to speciality store to get a tshirt of Geo for him, a tshirt of Milli for me and a tshirt of Bot for DH. We will all wear it on his bday! He will be sooo happy!!!

There is alot of xmas pictures to draw too! Just thought I'd share, it's free!!:)

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The cbeebies website in the UK is the same. I never get to use the laptop because Alexander demands to play video games all day Lol

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I don't let Jakey on the laptop! I'm a mean Mommy but he already dominates the TV with both his shows and the Wii plus he plays DS a lot so I don't think he needs the computer too LOL. Plus Emma has tore off one of our keys so I'm a little nervous to let them too close to it - and if I let Jakey I have to let Emma :roll: Its like I have twins lately LOL.

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My boys are also obssessed with Team Umizoomi! They even named our Elf on a Shelf Chris Umizoomi. I never see anything in stores either. I did see one dvd at Target, but I didn't get it. Making shirts is a cute idea. Can't wait to see them!

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I also don't let Ryken play on the computer. The computer is MINE Biggrin He is obsessed with watched youtube videos of tractors, monster trucks, snow blowers, ect..

Melissa- What games on the Wii can Jakey play? We have a Wii, but I've always thought Ryken wouldn't understand any games yet.