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Please tell me I'm not the only one with a Sugar Plum who says "no" to everything. I mean EVERYTHING even if it's something he wants, and even when I'm not talking to him!!

It's really starting to get on my nerves. I know he'll grow out of it but right now I'm cursing the person who invented the word no Lol

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Ha ha. YUP! What's so funny is Luke will say no automatically to everything, even something he wants. Then he changes his mind right away and realizes that he does want it. lol

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Kaiya too. Her answer to everything is no. It seems to be up to us to figure out whether it is no or no-yes.

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Hunter is not too bad in that department. He will say no when he doesn't want to do something but will say yes when he likes and wanna do something. I'm glad!!;)

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Ryken will say no to everything if he's in a crabby mood, otherwise he's pretty good about using no and yes Smile

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Liberty tried to do that, but I started to smack her hand when she would say that and after a couple of days she stopped! Now she just looks at me from the side and smiles, like she's still going to get away with it (which she normally does, lol, since she's the princess of the family!). She's actually really good about listening, you just have to be strong with them!

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Gavin does this. He is my whiney baby that throws tantrums every day. Dalton has his moments but over all he is ok. He is the bully too though.

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Yep, Claire is a "no" girl too! Basically it's "no" to everything I want to help her with or offer her. She'll only say yes or do something if she can "do self!" Frustrating ;(