No accidents!!

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No accidents!!

I just had to get on here and brag about my princess... I kept her in panties all day yesterday. We went out to eat lunch, and she told me she had to go pee, and she did on the big potty. Then we went to the mall for a couple of hours to walk around and she told me again she had to go, and she went on the big potty there! Then last night she fell asleep early, around 7PM, and we usually put a pull-up on her before bed because she's had accidents before, but she slept until 6:30AM and when she woke up, her panites were still dry! I'm so excited! I was really hoping to get her out of pull ups for good before the baby came, so I wouldn't have to change two sets of diapers lol! Yayy Liberty! Yahoo

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That's awesome! It's such a great feeling to get them potty trained! And I am really happy to only have one in diapers now!

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WTG Liberty!!!!

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That's awesome!!

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